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Imagine Ladies S*x isn’t enough…

It’s possible for any man to ask for s*x in a relationship, but is left for you as a lady to know that s*x, can’t keep him..( S*x isn’t enough)

There are two major factors ladies complain about s*x in a relationship:

√ After giving him my body he left me..

√ He left because I refused to have s*x with him..

NOTE: Both those who gave and those who refused to give are complaining…
( Whats the difference)

Ladies Listen, S*x isn’t enough, its not the only thing you can offer a man.
If You Don’t Have Anything To Offer A Man Outside S*x, Please remain Single…

A man can’t stay with you because his having s*x with you….
Relationship is not buying and selling.
There are much to life than Monkey style, Doggy style, Missionary style, Apple n juice style, step pillows style, etc …

Are you sound intellectually? Spiritually? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?
Men love intelligent ladies…

Men love ladies with ideas..

Men love respectful ladies…

S*x is very cheap these days, anybody can buy it.

You need to build yourself beyond s*x.

Leave make ups and be a productive lady.

Men are looking for ladies with ideas and solution not those who paint their faces with different colours.

What a man wants is beauty with brain not make ups with boobs or hips….
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