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Genesis fashion show Award

U can vote for our model jesutofunmi @ genesis fashion show… @i_am_jesutofunmi_ra

Pls VOTE for me via instagram.. This challenge really mean so much to me.. We can do it TOGETHER.. ❤️❤️❤️

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GFS Identity Challenge contestant #Repost @i_am_jesutofunmi_ra (@get_repost) ・・・ One thing we should always do is to constantly remind our ourselves of the basic things that make us who we are. The purpose why we were created and the things we do in accomplishing such purposes. We need to be conscious of the things we want to be known and remembered for after our departure from this world. We all have our dreams and hopes and ambitions but I tell you the greatest thing a man can ever accomplish is to shake and change his/her positively. No matter your name, number of companies you own, your achievements in live the greatest IDENTITY you can have is INTEGRITY……..INTEGRITY in Christ Jesus, because it will not only make you famous, it will also make you respected. And this is why my life has been wonderful because I am not the most beautiful, or most intelligent neither am I from a super wealthy family but because I have made the love and life of Christ my IDENTITY it has made me influencer. So from today ask yourself this simple question: What is my IDENTITY? Who am I REPRESENTING? Your answer will be the foundation of your actions and that is what the world will call you. @genesisfashionshow @thenextgencod #GFS 2017 #identitychallenge

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