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Holding God By His Word

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Memory Verse: John 4:50 NIV
“Go,’ Jesus replied,’ your son will live.’ The man took Jesus at his word and departed.”

Learning to take God by His word is the best way to live the Christian life. Many believe the word of a prophet than the Word that placed the so-called prophet in the office of service to God. We live in a generation where many make reference to what their prophets tell them rather than what God’s word is saying. God’s word is the greatest prophecy.

The scripture reading of the earlier verses made reference to a certain royal official whose son lay ill at Capernaum. No reference was made in the name of the man and it was very clear this man was not a Jew. He was just an official serving there. But when he learned that Jesus was in town, he quickly went to see Him and to seek His audience concerning his son. He wanted the Lord to go with him to his house, but Jesus only spoke a word and his faith in the word relieved him of all his predicaments. The scriptures recorded that in that same hour the word was released by the Lord, the healing happened instantly.

Our attitudes towards the word of God will determine how far we will go in life. Believing and acting on the word of God is for our utmost blessings as God’s children. Because many don’t know how to hold God by His word, they pray amist… But if we will have no doubt and unbelief concerning God’s word, we will continue to share great testimonies in our daily lives. Only the word of God can do everything in our lives. What are your desires and expectation, look into the word, discover what God’s word is saying concerning that situation and pray or speak to God concerning it. Where there is a need for an action to be taken, after prayer take those actions, God’s grace and favor will establish it. Let us learn to Hold God by His word. He is under obligation to answer us if it has to do with His word.

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