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SHOEGAZINE: See and Read The History of Shoes part 1 – Ashaye Ayoola

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By the Distinguished Ashaye Ayoola

Shoes have come of age but little or no relevant attention is paid to how it came to be. Shoes have existed in different shapes and sizes. While several of those shapes have gone into extinct now, it is worthy of note to state where this important foot clothing that prevents our foot from injuries and cold floor or heat came from.

Before mentioning the foot clothing, if you take a good look at your feet, it gives an important of what a shoe should be. The lower part of the foot is harder that the skin of the upper body to prevent it from injuries and to get a better grip of the ground.
During the medieval era, man had little understanding of his environment but dey wise enough to know say him go need protect him feet. So he killed animals, cut out him skin, known as hides, and perform some work on am (known as tanning) before him go wear am on him feet.

While it is difficult to actually say the period when footgear was first worn, ancient writings bear evidence say some protection or coverings for the feet was in use over 3,000 years ago. Sandals wey Egyptians dey wear date to around B.C 1500 from hides of animals and leaves of papyrus(not ugwu leaves o).

No be today Na him class don dey even for shoe matter, the Romans wore shoes of various heights and different shapes depending on their social standings.

The earliest reference of foot clothiers or shoemakers (as we dey call am today) were only concerned with how to protect the feet which can be with divers instruments and materials such as broom, bark of trees, hides of animals and even metals. No be small thing o. Many mentions of footwears are found in the old testament. Example na when God tell Moses make him remove him shoe unless him go woze am before he steps onto the holy ground. (Maybe Moses think say Na football field before).

From the records of the Greeks and Romans, we learn that boots, shoes and sandals making was practised at a very early period. Different designs are also been used to differentiate class. Plantius introduced us to a rich man who wore soles of gold and its on record say Julius Caesar did same. (Igara chicken).

In conclusion, the shoes worn by the patrician order were made to reach higher up the legs than those worn by the commoners which were made of woods and the slaves were made to have gone barefooted. May we not go barefooted in Jesus name o. Amin.
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Written by the Distinguished Ashaye Ayoola. Follow on
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By the Distinguished Ashaye Ayoola

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