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LET’S TALK: Personality of the Month with PRETTYCHINDU

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The long awaited “personality of the month” is here!!..

I would be talking to Top International Nigerian an Artiste on how the journey has been so far. He’s got the passion and zeal for what he does (Singing).

Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Stars Talk: Can We Meet You?

Pretty Chindu: My Name is Chindu Bryan Mbah aka PrettyChindu, from Imo State. an Undergraduate Of Imo State University (imsu).
Stars Talk: How Long Have You Been Doing Music?

Pretty Chindu: Been doing Music since my Kid days but i made it a career when i dropped School for Music in 2011.

Stars Talk: Is There Any Song Out Yet?

Pretty Chindu: I have put out couple of Singles which i pushed with my little resource but still pushing them though.

Stars Talk: Why did you choose Music over other Entertaining career?

Pretty Chindu: Basically i have been forced couple of times by circumstances to quit music but i just couldn’t stop so, apparently i discovered that music is the completion of my life.

Stars Talk: How long have you been in the Music Game?

Pretty Chindu: I have been doing this since my kid days and now i’m a grown man.

Stars Talk: What’s your greatest challenge as an Artist?

Pretty Chindu: Poor Management and Fake Team is the challenge so far.

Stars Talk: Apart from Music what else do you do (optional)

Pretty Chindu: i’m a brave hustler and businessman, these has kept me kicking on and on aside music.

Stars Talk: Which Celebrity are you looking up too?

Pretty Chindu: Well, i love a lot of Celebrities locally and globally but to be frankly, i don’t look up to anybody.

Stars Talk: Musically, where do you see yourself in the next 3years

Pretty Chindu: I believe in Grace and i got Faith to see myself as a role Model to up and coming Artistes.
Stars Talk: How do you balance Music and your relationship (optional)

Pretty Chindu: Well, music for me is even a relationship so i don’t find it difficult to manage it with other affairs i got.

Stars Talk: What message do you have for fast rising Artist out there?

Pretty Chindu: i believe most talented artistes out there already know the rules but my advise is, patience, consistency and GodOverEverything. thanks..

Instagram: @prettychindu_info


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