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Stars Talk Personality of the Month with young celebrity model Miss Fashoranti Ebunoluwa Deborah

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The long awaited “Stars Talk personality of the month” is here!!..

I would be talking to our Next Queen to be.. For The Stars Of Naija Miss Pretty Face Pageant and also a Young Celebrity Model on how the journey has been so far. He’s got the passion and zeal for what she does (Modeling).

Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Stars Talk: Hello have been nominated for the StarsTalk personality of the month spot..i’m sure you don’t mind being on the hot seat hehe

Model: I don’t mind at all..bring it on.

StarsTalk: Good afternoon…and welcome

Model: Good afternoon to you too and thank you.

Stars Talk: Firstly I’m gonna ask you..being the first person to get this do you feel?

Model: well at first..I was anxious…but I got so happy that my dreams,wish and everything is to be the winner of the contest..because I realize whatsoever you put your heart and mind you tend to get positive I feel honored and happy

Stars Talk: lol…that’s sweet..your zeal and passion for what you do got you the i must say..kudos to you

Model: Awwwnn..thank you..and thanks to the organizer of the pageant too for giving people from all dimensions and angle,regardless of the complexion and shapes opportunity to do this.

Stars Talk: To those who don’t know you…do say a few things about yourself
Because I personally don’t know your real name, I know you as Model Smile

Model: okay..people do say..first of all introduction..for the benefit of those that do not know my name…My name is Fashoranti Ebunoluwa Deborah..But my friends call me Ebun sussy..a nickname given to me by my mum’s friend..still don’t know the reason she gave me that nickname….well I am an easy going person..I mind my business a lot cause I realize with that u don’t get in trouble..and when i am angry I like being silent cause when I talk..o’s always bad and people I meet for the first time usually think I am gentle but when they get to know me more..they are always like..o girl you are troublesome.

Stars Talk: For those who don’t know Model..i believe now you know quite a lot.

That leads me to the main thing that got you the spot..Model… how did Modeling start for you?

Model: well..I used to be this thin and tall girl ever since I was young and people are always this girl you better go for modeling with this your long..then I never gave it a thought..but it just got to a time I started falling in love with it..I have never loved any career in my life the way I love modeling..I do pick this career and eventually drop them..but modeling refuse to go I was like for something I love this much..I am going for it…How it started? was when I was in school..I mean of my ambitious the idea of opening a website then bargaining with boutique owners to give her clothes so she can help them model it post it on her website and obviously add her own share and like that..I was part of her model then.

Stars Talk: lovely i must say.

Model: Yes it was lovely..even though it wasn’t that smooth becos that would be my first..but I got my friends to ginger me went well.

Stars Talk: Every Model man or woman faces challenges here and there…so what has it been like for you in doing Modeling also?

Model: well for me..timidity was first but I overcome that..the other is nudity or any form of exposing my body in any improper..apart from the fact that my parents won’t be in support of such. Even I can’t..but people keep saying that is what modeling is all about..but I believe that is not true..

Stars Talk: i guess not being a graduate…is kind of a challenge too

don’t you think?

Model: Yes..actually..cos in this part of the world we is something that tend to earn you more respect in the’s seen like an addition to your quality and Morale..I know u get what I meant..

Stars Talk: so what would you love to say to those who are just considering Modeling as a business buh ain’t sure about going into it???

Model: You know you have to love something before you can know the worth..modeling or let me say career is not something you go into for the sake of pursue a career because you have passion for it..because it is something you love to for those considering modeling..please don’t let anyone talk you can do it..and with God everything is go out there and achieve your dreams

Stars Talk: Before i round up.. Gonna ask… Whats your view on the situation of things in nigeria?? Do you think buhari is d cause? Or actually our helper?

Model: Well..I am not the type who discuss politics like that..but with the situations in Nigeria,my view on it is..buhari is not the cause of anything..Nigeria has been destabilize ever since I don’t every government coming In are there to do what they think is best for us or them I don’t..know..the prayer I do pray is just matter the situation this country will or might be won’t affect us..we will scale through..and also we should always pray for our country.because it is our country..we can’t deny that.

Stars Talk : its was really nice having you on the seat today Miss Pretty Face StarsOfNaija Queen to Bee

Model: Thank you..and it so nice talking to you too..I had fun..thank you

Stars Talk: Miss Model I must ask you hope you are getting set for the Voting

Model: sure I am ready..

Stars Talk: Smile That’s sounds good ……. Once again I say nice having you here

Model: My pleasure

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