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Stars Talk Personality of the month with young celebrity model Miss Jeremiah Divine

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The long awaited “Stars Talk personality of the month” is here!!..

I would be talking to our Next Queen to be.. For The Stars Of Naija Miss Pretty Face Pageant and also a Young Celebrity Model on how the journey has been so far. He’s got the passion and zeal for what she does (Modeling).

Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Stars Talk: Hello have been nominated for the StarsTalk personality of the month spot..i’m sure you don’t mind being on the hot seat hehe

Model: *smiles* no I don’t

StarsTalk: Good afternoon…and welcome

Model: Afternoon and thanks for having me

Stars Talk: Firstly I’m gonna ask you..being the first person to get this do you feel?

Model: I feel really special , grateful and honored

Stars Talk: lol…that’s sweet..your zeal and passion for what you do got you the i must say..kudos to you

Model: Thank you

Stars Talk: To those who don’t know you…do say a few things about yourself
Because I personally don’t know your real name, I know you as Model Smile

Model: Thank you. Am Jeremiah Divine, am a model. I love adventures, am a fun person, crazy when choose to be, *smiles* and I do love food and I love trying new things.

Stars Talk: For those who don’t know Model..i believe now you know quite a lot.

That leads me to the main thing that got you the spot..Model… how did Modeling start for you?

Model: I think I was about 15 or 16 years when I got attracted to modelling. I got praises about having a good body and a right attitude for it. And since then I have been getting sponsorships to go into it and am so glad I did.

Stars Talk: lovely i must say.

Model: Yeah *smiles*

Stars Talk: Every Model man or woman faces challenges here and there…so what has it been like for you in doing Modeling also?

Model: Well its been really heart breaking because I had to come up with a lot of reasons to back up my idea of becoming one, and encouraging my self that I did not make a mistake and I was doing what I love and that was all that mattered.

Stars Talk: i guess not being a graduate…is kind of a challenge too

don’t you think?

Model: Not really, it is actually an opportunity because you are exposed to plenty of knowledge about it and how to tackle the problems associated with it.

Stars Talk: so what would you love to say to those who are just considering Modeling as a business but ain’t sure about going into it???

Model: To be honest, I once considered modelling a business when I had so much doubt, but then I realized that every career is a business but the difference is the passion attached to it. So am going to say this, if modelling is what you love doing then go into it, seeing it as a business isn’t bad, its the way you do it that brings out the message in it.

Stars Talk: Before i round up.. Gonna ask… Whats your view on the situation of things in Nigeria?? Do you think Buhari is d cause? Or actually our helper?

Model: I must say, am not actually a big fan of president Buhari but I don’t think he is the cause and I also don’t think he is the help either. Nigeria is a country filled with bright personalities and a really intelligent mindset and if those personalities and mindset are opened to new ideas and support then this country can be better.

Stars Talk: its was really nice having you on the seat today Miss Pretty Face StarsOfNaija Queen to Bee

Model: *smiles* thank you

Stars Talk: Miss Model I must ask you hope you are getting set for the Voting

Model: of course, i am

Stars Talk: Smile That’s sounds good ……. Once again I say nice having you here

Model: My pleasure

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