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Star Talk: Meet our young celebrity Model Miss Ibrahim Faizah Damilola

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Stars Talk: Hello Miss Instagram Controversy Nigeria have been nominated for the StarsTalk personality of the month spot..i’m sure you don’t mind being on the hot seat hehe

Model: I don’t mind

StarsTalk: Good afternoon…and welcome

Model: Good afternoon and thank you

Stars Talk: Firstly I’m gonna ask you..being the first person to get this do you feel?

Model: I feel great and shy lol😃😃

Stars Talk: lol…that’s sweet..your zeal and passion for what you do got you the i must say..kudos to you

Model: Thank you

Stars Talk: To those who don’t know you…do say a few things about yourself
Because I personally don’t know your real name, I know you as one of the Miss Instagram Controversy Nigeria Contestant! Smile

Model: my name is Ibrahim Faizah Damilola, am from kwara state offa to be precise. I am a graduate of kwara state university, I studied biochemistry.

Stars Talk: For those who don’t know Our Young Talented beautiful Model..i believe now you know quite a lot.

That leads me to the main thing that got you the spot..Model… how did Modeling start for you?

Model: I started modeling in the year 2017 with a Hijab modelling band named feesah Oman modelling.

Stars Talk: lovely i must say.

Model: Yes

Stars Talk: Every Model man or woman faces challenges here and there…so what has it been like for you in doing Modeling also?

Model: Yes o there are many challenges. U know am a Muslim living in Ilorin people will be like modeling is not allow in Islam, u can’t be a Muslim and be modelling. Another challenge is that in this Ilorin city before u can make u will see alot of things and go through a lot of things because some agency will not pay u they be telling u that they are promoting u and they will not pay u. They will expect u to buy clothes, shoes, make ups etc and they will not pay u

Stars Talk: i guess not being a graduate…is kind of a challenge too

don’t you think?

Model: Yes, it is

Stars Talk: so what would you love to say to those who are just considering Modeling as a business buh ain’t sure about going into it???

Model: they should put all there best and they should not allow anybody to discourage them. They should be focus and never give up👍🏽👍🏽

Stars Talk: If you eventually be the winner of the 2019/2020 Miss Instagram Controversy Nigeria Queen
What will be your reaction?

Model: I will be very happy and glad💃🏽💃🏽

Stars Talk: what will you say about fake/scam pageantry online and have you ever fallen victim before?

Model: No

Stars Talk: Before i round up.. Gonna ask… Whats your view on the situation of things in Nigeria?? Do you think Buhari is the cause? Or actually our helper?

Model: Buhari is our helper what people did not understand is that Nigeria as been a damaged country for how many years now but people want Buhari should just repair it for just few years but is not possible. For Nigeria to become a great country or to become a change country, the change must start from us individually, it must start from our homes, he can’t do it alone we all have to do it together

Stars Talk: its was really nice having you on the seat today Miss Instagram Controversy Nigeria Queen to Bee

Model: Yes, its really nice thanks😃

Stars Talk: Miss Model I must ask you hope you are getting set for the Voting

Model: Yes

Stars Talk: Smile That’s sounds good ……. Once again I say nice having you here

Model:Thank you❣

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