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Star Talk: Meet our young celebrity Model Miss Olanrewaju Aisha Eniola

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Stars Talk: Hello Miss Instagram have been nominated for the StarsTalk personality of the month spot.. I’m sure you don’t mind being on the hot seat hehe

Model:😊 Thank you

StarsTalk: Good afternoon… and welcome

Model: Good afternoon
Stars Talk: Firstly I’m gonna ask you.. being the first person to get this spot.. how do you feel

Model: I am so excited

Stars Talk: lol…that’s sweet.. your zeal and passion for what you do got you the spot.. so I must say.. kudos to you

Model: Thank you

StarsTalk: To those who don’t know you… do say a few things about yourself
Because I personally don’t know your real name, I know you as one of the Miss Instagram Controversy Nigeria Contestant! Smile

Model: Am Olanrewaju Aisha Eniola,a teenager, I live in Ibadan,I play alot 😊

StarsTalk: For those who don’t know Our Young Talented beautiful Model.. I believe now you know quite a lot.

That leads me to the main thing that got you the spot.. Model…how did modelling start for you

Model: It all started the day I went for a birthday shoot and the photographer was like ‘are you for a modelling shoot? You look so well like a model’.So that was when I start modelling.

StarsTalk: lovely I must say.

Model: Thank you

StarsTalk: Every Model man or woman faces challenges here and there… so what has it been like for you in doing modelling also?

Model: To me modelling is interesting and also stressful

StarsTalk: I guess not being a graduate…is kind of a challenge too don’t you think?

Model: Yes o,but I thank God

StarsTalk: so what would you love to say to those who are just considering modelling as a business buh ain’t sure about going into it???

Model: As I said earlier modelling is very interesting and as a model you gonna be exposed to different things

StarsTalk: If you eventually be the winner of the 2019/2020 Miss Instagram Controversy Nigeria Queen What will be your reaction?

Model: I will be so happy and grateful to God

StarsTalk: what will you say about fake/scam pageantry online and have you ever fallen victim before?

Model: It’s a very bad act,it make people that fall estem hate modelling
Have never fallen estem before because this is my first online pageant

StarsTalk: Before I round up..
Gonna ask… What’s your view on the situation of things in Nigeria??

Do you think Buhari is the cause?Or actually our helper?

Model: To me we are the cause of our problems.Buhari is an old man and he’s trying to make this country better but we citizens are the one making it worse. It’s only God that can help us.

StarsTalk: it’s was really nice having you on the seat today Miss Instagram Controversy Nigeria Queen to Bee

Model: Thank you

StarsTalk: Miss Model I must ask you hope you are getting set for the voting

Model: Yes I’m fully prepared

StarsTalk: Smile that’s sounds good……Once again I say nice having you here

Model: Thanks for the interview..

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