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How to Incorporate Boho Style in Your Home

Posted by Dawn Stephens on
How to Incorporate Boho Style in Your Home

The Bohemian or Boho style of decorating is unique and familiar among younger people with fresh style. It stands out from other design styles with its outstanding choice of colours, accessories, patterns, and overall outcome. If you are interested in this style, it is one of the easiest to incorporate in your home by following just a few tips and getting creative with your space.

Bright Colours

Bohemian decor is known for a wide variety of bright colours on both furniture and decor pieces. The more the colours, the better, cleverly blended to produce a beautiful outcome. Unlike other themes where the primary colours are coordinated to match, all colours come together beautifully to achieve this style in this style.

Authentic Furniture

Bohemian furniture is different from other common furniture types. They are mostly DIY projects or custom-made pieces made to a user’s liking. The furniture is not shy of colour either, and it is common to find accent pieces such as a rocking chair or console table in brightly painted colours.


Rich designs are characteristic of Bohemian style living. The prints on Bohemian fabric are diverse and cleverly woven to generate unique pieces that are artistic and functional. To incorporate patterns in your home, an excellent place to start is with your rugs and throw pillows. Select handwoven rugs with bright dyes and greater detail to achieve the Bohemian look. You can also collect throw blankets in unique tribal prints, stripes, or oriental patterns for accessorizing your space.


Accessories form the fun part of Bohemian living as the choices are endless. The style incorporates unique decor pieces and brings them together to achieve the look. Unlike modern accessories, you want to look out for select rare pieces with an oriental feel or design. Carvings, oriental candleholders, unique planters, and colourful textures are good examples of items you can use to accessorize more significant pieces in your home. Colourful, unique artwork also brings a room together and also serve as statement pieces.


You probably may have seen other Bohemian style homes with beautiful hangings placed over a couch or a bed. This is a simple way to add Bohemian decor to space instantly. The artwork on fabrics is available in many online stores at affordable prices and come in many designs. If you are beginning your transformation, find large tapestry hangings in non-conventional style, and consider using them in the living or bedroom areas. You can get versatile tapestry patterns irrespective of your type, including constellations, tribal prints, or oriental mandalas.