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How to set up a mid-century modern bedroom interior design

Posted by Dawn Stephens on
How to set up a mid-century modern bedroom interior design

Regardless of whether you’re a fan for the mid-century modern style or not, you probably know what it means. It’s a popular style that originates from the 1940s and ’60s. It erupted from a romantic notion that ‘good design changes lives’ and was centred on accessibility, modern simplicity and functionality. Although this style can add life to any space, this post offers pointers for mid-century modern bedroom interior design.

Choose tapered legs

Examine the legs when going through a lineup of mid-century modern (MCM) furniture. Slim and round, a tapered leg is an MCM sign. These sleek and unique legs offer the feel of floating furniture and are suitable for undersized spaces. They’ll make your bedroom look airy and open without cluttering the visual plane.

Add a mirror

Even for the mid-century style, a mirror is a top-tier design accessory. It adds light and an airy feeling into your bedroom. With proper installation, a mirror makes your bedroom look spacious by reflecting the room’s light. The sunburst mirror is a mid-century modern icon and you can highlight your stunning backyard by putting it opposite a garden window or door. You can find a plethora of originals and knockoffs in online or brick-and-mortar stores.

Get wood back

Gluts of today’s furniture are crafted from pressed wood. Emphasize natural wood by using top-notch furnishings from the 1950s. Mid-century modern masterpieces have clean lines of rosewood, oak, walnut and teak. If looking for these vintage pieces is a daunting or expensive ordeal, you can settle for the surplus modem-made knockoffs. Unstained and natural woods are a significant part of MCM design, thus choose pieces that show their grain and are not painted.

Concentrate on Earth hues and tones

For a classic MCM style, you’ll need to concentrate on a colour palette such as earth tones and neutrals. Be creative with various mustard yellow, rust, green and brown colours by adding a white or gray touch. If you settle for a dark wall shade, ensure the bedroom receives adequate natural light to prevent it from looking gloomy.

Furnish using clean basic linens

The most important aspect of the MCM style is keeping it clean simple with natural curves and straight lines. When selecting furniture such as dressers, nightstands and bed frames, opt for the simple and straight ones without adornments. Use Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern interior designs for more insight into the topic.