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Here’s How to Style Your Sideboard

Posted by Dawn Stephens on
Here’s How to Style Your Sideboard

Besides providing extra storage, a console, buffet, or sideboard allows you to revamp your living space. A sideboard is usually positioned along a wall and often used for storing glasses, dishes, table cloths, etc. Its flat-top can be used for setting plates, serving food, and more. That’s why it comes with several names. However, styling a sideboard will depend on where it lives. In the living room, it will be a perfect place to display artwork, books, and curios. In the bedroom, it can double as a dressing table with a decorative mirror adorned with perfume, jewelry, and other personal items. Here’s a guide to styling your sideboard.

The tricky balancing act

Getting the wall art and the proportions of furniture units right is quite a delicate balancing act. You need to bridge the gap between wall hangings and the furniture resting along with them. Decorative items like line drawings paired with tall vases and cherry blossoms can go well with a substantial console table.

Break up the plane

A long sideboard presents you with a large surface to fill up with objects, which can sometimes be tricky. Breaking up the sideboard into three sections is the easiest way to break the monotony. Let the three sideboard sections be distinct moments, but ensure they stylistically speak to each other. The three sections should make sense side-by-side, while still creating three unique moments.

What goes on behind?

Depth of field is almost everything when it comes to styling either a dining or a living room sideboard. You can’t just have things lined up along the top. You need to have some items come forward and others back a little bit. A piece of artwork that’s off-center feels better and doesn’t look forced. Use a lamp in front of an artwork that runs the entire length of your sideboard.

Contrasting materials and colors

When choosing a new sideboard, remember to pick one that will bring softness to the scene. If you go for a dark or wooden sideboard, placing wooden items on it along with art in wooden frames won’t create the much-needed balance. What goes along with the sideboard needs to be in direct contrast with its style. The contrast shouldn’t be in color but in materials as well.

Styling your sideboard should be simple and inexpensive. Just master the art of balance and contrast, and everything else will fall in place.